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At Saint George Orthodox Church you'll be welcomed to come and know Jesus Christ in a traditional Orthodox Christian Setting

We welcome you to join us in all our Church Services , Organizations, Ministries, and Gatherings.

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You matter to God. You matter to us

Saint George traces its history back to the Apostolic times where the  disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

We welcome all people who desire to know and to participate in the life of the Holy Orthodox Church.


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V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F Purpura, Pastor

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Abdel Nour, Assistant Pastor

Orthros Liturgy at Saint George

Come Explore the Depths of Orthodoxy

The richness of Orthodoxy spans from Creation, through the Old Testament, on  through the New Testament,  to the early Church and the deep thoelogy of Fathers of the Church, to and to the present experience of God in our lives today.


Come experience the Church that gave us the New Testament Bible.

Hear from those who have visited Saint George Orthodox Church and experienced the beauty of our worship and community.

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