Young Adult Dinner March 16, 2019

On the evening of Saturday, March 23, the members of the Young Adult Fellowship gathered for dinner and a spiritual talk. Guest speaker and author Kh. Constantina Palmer of St. John’s (Newfoundland) presented her talk entitled, “Fake It ‘til You Make It: Living an Orthodox Life in a World of Hypocrisy.” Participants especially enjoyed the homemade lenten Cajun dinner and … Read More

Marriage Preparation and Workshop

On February 23, 2019, love is in the air at St. George Orthodox church. In the morning, couples engaged to be married in 2019 met with Fr. Joseph Purpura, pastor of Saint George Church Montreal, to review the wedding ceremony and discuss the sanctity of matrimony. A beautiful luncheon followed and newlywed couples who were married in the last 5 … Read More

Financial Planning Workshop

On Tuesday October 30, 2018 several young adults ages 20-35 years old participated in the Financial Planning workshop hosted at St. George church, and rated it a 4.3 out 5! Examples of participant feedback include,  “Very Beneficial”, “Excellent”, and “Very Educational”!  Speakers Rean Lawand and Claude Kayal are licensed to work with clients and shared their expertise with a group of eager mentees.  Topics … Read More

18 to 40 years old – Shark Tank Event – Leadership Skills Workshop!!!

Event for 18 – 40 Year Olds Shark Tank Style Event LEADERSHIP SKILLS WORKSHOP The speakers are awesome: • Mike Newton, Partner at Fuller Landau. • Angela Negro, Professional Engineer, Certified Leadership Coach. • Frank Merhar, formerly of ABC Disney, and cancer survivor. Who can attend? Young adults 20-40 years old. Food: Yes, of course, we can’t work without some … Read More

Mentoring – Making Good Choices

Our very first, and very successful, group mentoring event was held Saturday afternoon at St. George in partnership with Animatch.  Dozens of mentees and mentors participated in a bilingual presentation about animal welfare and the people who rescue abandoned dogs.  Furthermore, the discussion centered on the importance of making wise decisions early in life, especially when those decisions affect the lives of … Read More

GET INVOLVED – Young Adults

GET INVOLVED!  The STG (Saint George Montreal) Community Mentoring program launches this month with a rescue dog event on September 29th in partnership with  Why are we kicking off with this event?  Young adults are faced with many decisions such as where to work, live, or study.  Some choices, like owning pet, come with a high level of commitment and work. Decisions made at this … Read More