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How it works

Saint George Mentorship Program


Step One

Get Connected! Go global and take your professional network to the next level by creating your profile at St. George Orthodox Church. You’ll be able to meet and communicate with other professionals in your field.

Step Two

Creating a profile is quick and easy.  Upload a picture, choose your profession or career interest, and then select Mentor or Mentee.  You’ll be able to get matched with other professionals.


Step Three

Once your profile is activated, you’ll be able to follow thought leaders from the St. George community.  And, new members will also be able to connect and follow you. Everyone grows closer together as the network grows!

Step Four

Setup is easy with 1-click connect to your profiles on other popular social media platforms. This gets your profile up and running quickly so you can save time and get started building your professional network right away.

Step Five

Your professional profile will use the latest technology to provide you with a beautiful custom profile card. Profiles are searchable so you’ll be able to get connected quickly.

Step Six

Get started building your profile today. Once your approved profile is posted other professionals from the St. George community will be able to ask your permission to connect with you. Before you know it you will have built a solid group of professional colleagues who will help you take your career to the next leve!


Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church began a Community Mentoring Program in 2018 for young adults ages 16-35 with sponsorship from The Chamandy Family Foundation. Current offerings include an academic tutoring program, voice coaching lessons, and group events for young adults with themes of developing strength; spiritually, emotionally, and financially. The academic tutoring program for secondary high school students aims to connect teens with subject matter experts on a weekly basis throughout the academic year to improve their scholastic achievement. Group events such as leadership workshops, financial planning seminars, and service projects engage young men and young women at critical points in their personal and professional development with the goal of forming the next generation of community leaders with a strong sense of an Orthodox Christian identity and values.

Community Engagement

Developing a mentor mentality is a cornerstone to the community life of St. George Orthodox Church. Parishioners understand their collective responsibility for the spiritual development of the young adult population, and offer guidance and a helping hand to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mentor Commitment

We are always on the look-out for mentors who have a work / home life balance, and who will be able to commit a minimum of one year to the program. It is critical that mentors have strong personal relationships, deep community roots, and a grounded personality.

Group mentoring events serve several purposes:

  • Provide informal venue for matching mentees and mentors
  • Attract potential mentees through inspirational and highly interactive gatherings.
We host monthly group mentoring events with various themes to accomplish program goals of improving personal relationships, modeling behavior, increasing personal motivation, cultivating spiritual growth, and encouraging physical and mental well-being. Whether you are just starting out your career and are for looking for guidance, or you are a seasoned professional who wishes to assist others in following in your footsteps, our mentoring program will take you to the next level.

The Mentorship Program is open to members of St. George Orthodox church and sister churches in Montreal.

What’s the value proposition?

The mentoring program is a personal investment in self-development which builds one’s skillset and strength of character. Ultimately, it is an activity which reduces the stress and daily workload of participants, assists them in reaching their personal goals, and eases the burdens imposed by school, work, and family life. Both the 1-to-1 curriculum and group events have been meticulously crafted to make an immediate and positive impact.

You will:

  • Grow into the person that you want to be, and get connected to something bigger than yourself
  • Learn how to accept and give constructive feedback
  • Share challenges and concerns with a confidant
  • Gain respect and recognition in your field through an expanded professional network
  • Develop valuable relationships that will create new personal and professional opportunities
  • Dare to enjoy new experiences, adopt new ideas, and learn new ways of doing things
  • Mature into an adult leader. You don’t automatically become an adult at 18 years old. It takes work.
We get it. You’re busy. That’s why we offer a customized program with curated event experience and flexible hours. Mentors and mentees set their own meeting schedules, including e-meetings via video conferencing.
I never thought of myself as someone in need of mentoring. I mean, I’m educated, I’m intelligent, and my life is going great. Then boom, when I got connected to a mentor from St. George, my whole life went on steroids. My career is taking off, my personal relationships are solid, and for the first time in my life I actually feel spiritual.