Marriage Preparation and Workshop

On February 23, 2019, love is in the air at St. George Orthodox church.

In the morning, couples engaged to be married in 2019 met with Fr. Joseph Purpura, pastor of Saint George Church Montreal, to review the wedding ceremony and discuss the sanctity of matrimony.

A beautiful luncheon followed and newlywed couples who were married in the last 5 years joined the engaged couples for fellowship.  Together, all of the couples shared their experiences about successful communication in relationships.

In the afternoon, Fr. Justin Mitchell presented a brief workshop on the sacramental meaning of marriage, and provided tips on how to strengthen the marital bond.  The married couples also played a fun new board game called “Spouse-ology” which tests how well a couple knows the ins and outs of their partner’s habits and personality.

The event was sponsored by the St. George church Mentoring program, which aims to engage young men and young women at a critical time in their lives. Future events are being planned for married couples at St. George, please send your ideas to or

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