Healthy Cooking

On Saturday, December 7th, the young adults gathered in the kitchen of St. George Orthodox Church for a nutrition and cooking workshop. Led by parishioner and nutritionist Jana Louis, the workshop focused on how to ensure one is provided with essential nutrients during fasting periods. Eating traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is a great way to naturally obtain these basic requirements, so after a brief presentation the young adults worked in teams to prepare the evening meal using simple ingredients.  The result was a colorful, delicious, and nutritious arrangement that provided a sense of satisfaction to all participants.  The event was sponsored by the Mentoring Program, which seeks to engage teens and young adults in activities beneficial to physical, mental, and spiritual health in addition to providing academic tutoring support and music classes.  Please be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Career Networking event on Saturday, January 18th. For more information on upcoming events, please visit

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