GET INVOLVED – Young Adults

GET INVOLVED!  The STG (Saint George Montreal) Community Mentoring program launches this month with a rescue dog event on September 29th in partnership with  Why are we kicking off with this event?  Young adults are faced with many decisions such as where to work, live, or study.  Some choices, like owning pet, come with a high level of commitment and work. Decisions made at this time in life can have long-lasting consequences.  Owning a dog is an expensive and time-consuming obligation for a decade or longer. At the rescue dog event participants will learn about how our decisions affect the world around us.  We can be agents of good helping those in need, or we can contribute to the world’s problems and make things worse for ourselves and others.  God has given us free will to make wise choices.  During this event we’ll explore how we make important decisions in our lives, and the benefits of having mentors around us who’ve been down that road before.

The fun continues in October with workshops on professional development and financial management.  For the latest information on events, including time and location please visit our Facebook page.

by Fr. Justin Mitchell, St. George Community Mentoring Program Director


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