The Orthodox Church at the Crossroad of Time, Space and Culture

The Importance of Time, Space and Culture for and upon our Youth Rev. Dr. Joseph F Purpura. Professor of Youth Ministry, Antiochian House of Studies Paper Delivered on November 16, 2019 at the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada Symposium on The Orthodox Church at the crossroad of time, space, and culture, Montreal QC PDF Version We hear of “culture wars” … Read More

Healthy Cooking

On Saturday, December 7th, the young adults gathered in the kitchen of St. George Orthodox Church for a nutrition and cooking workshop. Led by parishioner and nutritionist Jana Louis, the workshop focused on how to ensure one is provided with essential nutrients during fasting periods. Eating traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is a great way to naturally obtain these basic requirements, … Read More


During the weekend of November 15th-17th, St. George Orthodox church hosted the singing trio “Eikona” of Colorado.  On Friday evening, the parish gathered in the Fellowship Hall for an Advent Lenten meal followed by Eikona chanting the Paraclesis service in church.  After the service had concluded, the young adults spontaneously gathered with Eikona to chant a perennial favorite hymn from … Read More

Oyster Party 2019

A beautiful and Successful Oyster Party took place at a full St George Parish Hall on Tuesday November 12th, 2019. We thank our many sponsors, donors and participants. Next Year the Oyster Party will take place on November 10, 2020.

Spiritual Care of those who are ill

Visiting those who are ill – Proper Spiritual Care for the Sick By V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Purpura Everyone needs prayer, especially the prayers and blessings of the Church in our daily life.  Prayer is particularly important when a love one becomes sick and near death, and it is the practice of the Church to call the priest to … Read More

When a Child is Born

When a Child is born into our Orthodox Church Community, By V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Purpura When we are blessed with a new life, when parents participate in the very divine act of giving life, literally participating in God’s creation, there are many blessings and prayers prescribed by the Church for mother and child. 1.  On the first day … Read More

Death of a loved one – A Family Guide

A Family Guide in the event of a Loved One’s Death by V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Purpura My dear parishioners of St. George Orthodox Church of Montreal, In today’s modern world, humanity has access to so many luxuries and opportunities for advancement that death seems to be a distant and inconvenient matter, one that isn’t discussed in polite company. … Read More

Young Adult Fellowship gathered for a BBQ at Jarry Park

On September 15th, the Young Adult Fellowship gathered for a BBQ at Jarry Park on Sunday afternoon following Divine Liturgy at St. George Orthodox church celebrated by Bishop Alexander and Fr. Joseph Purpura, Pastor.  Fr. Justin Mitchell and Alex Habib planned the event and ensured a very good turnout that included friends from St. Nicholas Orthodox church in addition to … Read More

Fr Joseph’s Annual Pastor’s Messsage to the Parish

The following message was printed and handed out to those in attendance at the 2019 June Annual Parish Meeting: PDF of All Reports delivered at the Meeting V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Purpura Pastor’s Report Saint George Orthodox Church of Montreal 2019 My Dear Parishioners, We have been blessed with a fruitful year of growth, new initiatives, and joyous events. We … Read More