Thank you to the Chamandy Family Foundation

On behalf of the parish of St. George, especially our young people and their families, we thank the Chamandy Family Foundation for responding so favorably and generously to our request to establish a mentoring program here at Saint George and to enhance our music offerings to our young people.  Their $100,000 grant given this year and another $100,000 promised next year has already begun to bear fruit.  We have hired a mentoring director, Fr Justin Mitchell.  We have partially equipped his office, we are building interest in the parish and beyond, we have set in motion a number of activities.  Fr Justin began work June 4 and has already established many contacts here in Montreal as we begin building our design and bringing many volunteers on board.

The Chamandy Family Foundation support of our vision and commitment to sponsoring our community mentorship program provides our youth the support they need as they mature into talented leaders with a strong sense of an Orthodox Christian identity and citizens of Quebec.   

It is because of the generosity of parishioners such as Glen and Amel, their family and the Foundation, that many of our projects can now be realized.

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