Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

est. 1905 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

His Eminence JOSEPH - Metropolitan of New York and North America

His Grace ALEXANDER - Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York

When the original wave of Syro-Arab immigration began in Québec in the 1890s, the newcomers associated as one community. Like immigrants everywhere, their first order of business was to establish an organization that would maintain a sense of community and assist new immigrants in establishing themselves. To that end, a  "Syrian Benevolent Society" was founded by Rt. Rev. Raphael Hawaweeny in 1896. One of the earliest priests to serve the Montréal community was the Rt. Rev. Ephraim Deebs (later Metropolitan of Akkar).


From 1899 until the early 1900’s, the Orthodox community worshiped under the patronage of St Nicholas, as in New York City. As the population grew, differences led to the separation into two distinct parishes: "St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Montréal" (incorporated in 1910 and later re-named St. George) and "St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Canada" (which later became St. Nicholas).


A major work of the architect Joseph-Raoul Gariépy and interior designer Emmanuel Briffa, the church was constructed in 1939-40 to serve Canada's oldest and largest Syro-Lebanese Orthodox community. St. George is the home of many community organizations involved in humanitarian activities, which importantly illustrates the continuity of a cultural tradition within a Canadian context.


It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1999 as a significant symbol of the history and traditions of the Syro-Lebanese community in the country.


Today, 300 million people throughout the world are Eastern Orthodox Christians. The 14 autocephalous Orthodox churches are independently administered and conduct services in dozens of native languages, yet, whether in Athens, Moscow, or Montreal, all Orthodox Christians share the same teachings, sacraments, and liturgies and honor the Patriarch of Constantinople as their spiritual guide.





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